Murphy's Acting Talent Recognised Again

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A certain Mr. Cillian Murphy is no stranger to receiving accolades for his acting skills and we’d like to pass on our congratulations from the Murphy Clan upon Cillian recently winning the Best Actor award at the Irish Times Theatre Awards last month.

The play “Misterman”, produced by Landmark Productions and Galway Arts Festival and written by Enda Brady was highly acclaimed and in particular it was great to see a member of our own Murphy Clan getting such great recognition for his performance.

Upon receiving the award, Cillian said: “I have only two words for this really: Enda Walsh. Fifteen years ago he gifted me a career with his play 'Disco Pigs' and 15 years later he gifted me the part of Thomas Magill in “Misterman”."

The play itself ran for 18 weeks having opened during the 2011 Galway Arts Festival and each performance was a sell-out before it moved to the St. Ann’s Warehouse venue in New York where it achieved another sell-out of each performance.

Producer of “Misterman” Anne Clarke paid further tribute to Cillian Murphy in her comments: “It has been a huge privilege to work, alongside our co-producers in Galway Arts Festival, with Enda Walsh, Cillian Murphy and a phenomenal creative team to bring this extraordinary production to the stage. 

“We are especially delighted that Cillian's fantastic performance, and Jamie's stunning set design, were acknowledged with Irish Times Theatre Awards. From its beginnings in the Black Box in Galway last summer, “Misterman” looks set to conquer the world.”

The play is due to open in London in April where we’re certain that further success will be visited upon our own Cillian Murphy.


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