How to Identify Whether Your Brazilian Virgin Hair is Real or Not? March 14, 2018 3:25 AM

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Sometimes when you washing Brazilian Hair, if you see the black dye coming from the hair, then you will ensure that the hair is not real Brazilian virgin hair. Some websites online sell Hair Bundles as they claim is real, while it is not under such as high price tag. If you want to purchase the real and most pure Brazilian hair, please read this article carefully.
What is Real Human Virgin Hair?
Virgin hair is also know as Human Hair Bundles. It is cut from a single donor. The cuticles remain intact, and all hair strands face the same direction. So, sometimes we also call it "cuticle hair". Virgin hair has not been processed and treated, which means that the hair has not bee processed by perming, dying, etc., so, the purity of virgin hair is in highest level.
The Difference Between Real Brazilian Virgin Hair and Fake
First, real Brazilian virgin hair always has he hair color of its donor's. While the color may be black or brown. However, most often it is black. The color of entire bunch of hair is not uniform, usually it is darker at the root while the dark color becomes lighter from the middle to the end.
Second, looking at the texture of the hair to identify whether it is real remy hair or not. Real Brazilian virgin hair will not be too straight or silky. Usually real virgin hair is a little coarser, fake virgin hair has been treated by chemical straightener, while this gives the hair an extremely straight appearance. The most direct way to feel hair texture is running your fingers through the hair.
Cut off a small bundle of hair, place it above a candle. Fake virgin hair like synthetic hair will immediately flame and produce a big flame when it contacts with a candle. While real human virgin hair will usually produce smoke when it contacts with a flame.
Purchasing Brazilian virgin hair is really a big challenge but is also a great investment. Because pure virgin hair offers you the highest quality texture and always blends well with your own natural hair.
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