Can you wear a wig for a long time? June 11, 2017 3:58 AM

By : newlytoupee.

For hair with physical defects or pathological defects of the people, the needs of this group with a wig to make up, conceal these unsightly, they will be very concerned about others of their own hair comments or strange vision, this group often need to wear wigs, and long-term wear. There is a demand for wig people, most of them is the pursuit of fashionable women, wearing wigs is to satisfy a need to change other occasions urgent or passion, this group of large and diverse needs, but the need to wear only in certain situations, few long-term wear. With that in mind, let's look at what shortcomings there are in wigs compared to real hair. Wig is like a hat, if the weather is not very cool, long wear will cause scalp fever, accelerate the scalp metabolism, increase the amount of sweat on the scalp, and secrete more fat. It is not easy to make hair scalp to sweat, ventilation, and blockage of hair follicles caused some people allergic rash and alopecia. Hair follicles can also cause greasy hair and dandruff. In addition, wearing a wig can not make strenuous movement or swimming, and a large shake during movement can cause the wig to shift. It's not appropriate to wear a wig when it's windy, or you might have a farce in the streets where people chase wigs. Now that we know the dangers and limitations of wigs, are we going to deny wearing wigs? Yes, there are dangers we should avoid, but we can't deny them. For gray hair, alopecia, this group, in the choice of wig, a little attention, or can minimize the harm. Most wigs on the market are not real hair. They contain certain chemicals. This kind of wig can be worn on the scalp for a long time. So for the sake of health, long-term wear the wig wig in the choice of population, we must pay attention to the permeability of the hair wig, don't try to choose cheap chemical hair, hair net should choose soft and comfortable breathable material. Real hair wigs are better for this part of the population. If you are a fashion wig group, do not wear long wigs, in accordance with the principle of affordable, you can choose the price of 100 yuan or so products, these wigs in our web site, you can according to your hairstyle requirements and choice. When wearing a wig, it is best to wash your head once a night, remove the grease and dirt on the scalp, and keep the scalp and hair clean and sanitary. Shampoo as much as possible herb, every time after washing, it is best to use conditioner, used to neutralize the alkaline substances shampoo. When the wig is not worn, use a hair style steel comb (don't use plastic comb), comb it along the original shape, and then put it on a special wig rack or hang it on the hook of the clothes rack. Long term no, please put it in the box and cover it with plastic bag. Don't press it when storing. Wig is not dirty, but also pay attention to maintenance, regular cleaning.

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