What are the benefits of a wig? June 11, 2017 4:10 AM

By : newlytoupee.

1. a little trimming is more beautiful
When you put the wig, everyone's face and style are not the same, you can according to their own face style trim wig, wig and further pruning will make you more fit, to create your wig.
2., the consolidation of hair priming, clever articles
Although the role of wig face modification is very powerful, but when you consolidate your hair, you can skillfully write articles. The round face can focus the hair on the top of the head; the face is longer and symmetrically fixed to both sides, so that the wig will have unexpected modifications.
False fringe worry it? In fact, there is a beautiful props to help you solve. In part, wig wearing a beautiful barrette, can cover the boundaries, but also bring out the fresh temperament.
4., the best place to wear wigs
If the amount is wide, the court will wear long wig edge slightly down, with a certain amount of hair hair curtain as a foil; if the narrow forehead, the court is short, can be the edge of the wig slightly upward, but not too much to, should be set aside a small amount of hair curtain as a foil.
5, novelty, wig, you can use it?
The general wig piece are made from human hair or artificial hair, according to different hair color and hair extensions, so we choose to consult to find the most suitable, then edit from foreign bloggers take steps for your wig.
1, first choose your own wig hair color, the icon from gold to black line.

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