what kind of material wig is good? June 11, 2017 4:14 AM

By : newlytoupee.

There are six kinds of wigs which are more common. High temperature wire, Cathy, Han Si, silk, silk, domestic -P wire, K wire and wire
Choose what kind of material wig is good?
When I buy wigs are high-temperature silk wig, high temperature wire is also a relatively good material, convenient to take care of them, it is applicable to COS, resistant to high temperature of 200 degrees, can be dyed hot, so can be used as a hair curling wig to yo for what, when to use steel comb comb wig. Do not pay attention to protect the shape of wig. When the wig is clean, remember not to rub too much or clean it well. Remember to comb the wig with steel comb so that you can't take care of it later
Choose what kind of material high ponytail wig is good?
Cathy this material wig very smooth, Cathy's high temperature is 80 degrees, so it is best not to use tools or perm hair dryer temperature is too high. There are some domestic Cathy now, we must pay attention to when buying
Choose what kind of material wig is good?
About domestic silk, not discrimination against domestic products, but the material is really not flattering, whether for daily, stage, or COS, I am very not recommended.
Han silk and silk, silk and silk -P K I have no contact, so it is not a good evaluation

Re: what kind of material wig is good? June 19, 2017 1:08 AM

By : maureen

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