How do you wear a wig? July 16, 2017 11:02 PM

By : newlytoupee.

One will be set into the neck (with a strap that mouth below) to pull on my head now a wig most no code number, because there are sets of buttons easy to adjust the size, can be appropriate to adjust the size of wig according to their head size, will the hair into net
Two, the wig of Liu Haifan up, from the beginning of the beginning of wearing a wig
Three, wear a wig and adjust the location, pay attention to the location of bangs
1, when you put on your wig, there's actually another job that can add to your bonus: trim your wig according to your face style. Each person's face and style are very different. Further trimming can make a wig ( fit you better.
2, wig face modification of the role of its very strong, in your consolidation of their hair when you can make the article skillfully: face is round, you can focus on the head to the middle of the fixed; long face is symmetrical to both sides fixed. This gives you a seamless finish after wearing a wig.
3, wearing a false fringe worry there is actually a very good film props can help solve.

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