normally used in the manufacturing July 08, 2018 9:47 PM

By : qi

the Tungsten Carbide grit that is one of the hardest known materials and has been tested for its capability to determine that it has the durability and the hardness of a diamond. Cutting tool normally used in the manufacturing process aren always that hard as they can be composite materials like fiberglass, reinforced plastics, rubber and other non metallic

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abrasive products. Here, a wear resistant coating like tungsten carbide grit works wonders as it is sharp, durable and has the kind of life and performance that normally can be expected only from diamond based products. The best result that can be obtained from these tungsten carbide alternatives is when they are crushed. This leads to the creation of

superbly sharp grit particles that can be used as industrial metal coating by bonding it to the cutting part by a furnace brazing process to create a uniform round surface around the industrial part that works effectively. There are a variety of advantages on using this metal coating option in cutting tools as it can improve the part performance and also increase

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