the domestic environmental protection standards July 08, 2018 10:14 PM

By : qi

The state expressly stipulates that only products that have passed the 10-ring certification can be called green products. In addition, the more authoritative environmental certification of the domestic furniture industry is China Quality Environmental Product Certification (CQC),

and the CQC-certified products have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, low pollution and resource conservation. The reporter was informed that the domestic environmental protection standards are mainly for the detection of formaldehyde emission, heavy metal content, VOC content, benzene and other chemical substances.

Xu Guanrong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, said that at present, China's mandatory standards stipulate that the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture products should be 1.5 mg/L. Many enterprises are all green products with plate standards.

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