promotes the promotion of humanization July 09, 2018 10:02 PM

By : qi

leisure and entertainment, it creates a square that promotes tourism and promotes the promotion of humanization and branding exclusive mahogany furniture culture. It integrates Chinese culture. Brand promotion, etc., leading the transformation and upgrading of Zhongshan Redwood Industry.

Phoenix TV Guangdong TV Zhongshan TV Zhongshan Shaxi TV Hong Kong Business Daily Phoenix Life Southern Daily Guangzhou Daily Zhongshan Daily Zhongshan Business Daily Zhongshan Pictorial Zhongshan Net Sina NetEase Sohu China Classic Furniture Network Brand Mahogany Furniture.

China Magazine China Furniture Report Collection Redwood Zhongshan More than 100 media outlets such as the new home mahogany channel.Acceptance of custom furniture precautions, acceptance of custom furniture precautions, guide: Customized furniture meets the individual needs,

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