exterior wall cladding July 10, 2018 3:33 AM

By : qi

Exterior Wall Cladding Characteristics Exterior Wall Cladding Characteristics Every type of exterior wall cladding has various characteristics associated with the installation, durability, appearance, and cost. Factors to be considered when evaluating cladding: 1. Weather tightness - the ability to resist the elements - wind, water, snow 2. Structural

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properties - the ability to resist mechanical damage 3. Insulating Value 4. Maintenance requirements 5. Common failure modes The best wall cladding systems are highly resistant to wind, water, vermin entry, mechanical damage. Ideal exterior wall cladding are inexpensive, easy to install which reduces labor costs, long econimic life, and provides good

insulative qualities. Most sidings and claddings do not provide all these considerations. It is very common that various types of exterior wall claddings are more dominate and popular in certain geographic regions. The type of exterior wall cladding may be related to the availability of materials and labor, in that specific locale coupled with the

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