Marked as solid wood flooring July 10, 2018 10:21 PM

By : qi

Marked as solid wood flooring, but the roots are not solid wood, the amount of formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard. The Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau has announced the sampling test results of mattresses, furniture and solid wood flooring products sold in the market.

The inspection results showed that there were problems with 17 batches of products including brands such as Gu Shi and Hong Kong Bethman. The test results show that a number of trademarks sold in Beijing Yikelong Home Furnishing Market are 1500× of Gu's; 1900× 50(mm) mats have failed to release formaldehyde,

failing to meet safety and health requirements; Beijing Jiahe Jiamei Home Market Limited The company's Shilihe Furniture Market Branch sells a batch of Opel 910× 123× 18 (mm) solid wood flooring is marked with gold steel teak,

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