Realistic Lifesize Sex Doll Supplier September 13, 2017 6:41 AM

By : Brunaka

We make silicone sex doll over 10 years.Our R&D staff are dedicate to designing our realistic lifesize sex doll with realistic dimensions and attractive appearance. You will enjoy the both realistic beauty and great sex from our product.They satisfy all your desires

About Our Doll:

Material: We use medical silicone material TPE.which is the best material to make the doll nowadays.TPE is a new type of silicone,you can stretch up to 5.5 times length with the soften range up to 0-100A.It is almost not any smell and oil.
Certificate: It is safe to humans with the ROHS, REACH and FDA certificate.
The skin has pure natural luster and smooth feelings by touch. Her pretty face is sculptured by an experienced sculptor. These dolls will show you an experience you never have had before.
Body Joints: Their body joints are artificial multiplex metal with latest professional technology.Ensure the limbs free to extend to create all sorts of poses.
Function: Oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex for you. Each of these hole has realistic dimensions, realistic features, and is as tight as a real female.
Body Parts: hair, head, nipple,hole,nail,eyes and so on can be customerized.
OEM and ODM are available.Welcome to contact us check price.


Other Details:

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More information,

Contact now:
Bruna Ji
WhatsApp & Mobile:+86 136 4032 8151
Tel: 0044 20 8123 5988
Facebook Page:@sexdollcollection
We are looking for distributors for long term cooperation!


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