on-site sales of mahogany furniture July 26, 2018 10:58 PM

By : qi

On October 18, the Beijing News reporter came to a hotel near Gongzhufen and found on the scene that on the second floor of the hotel lobby, on-site sales of mahogany furniture were underway. A number of sets of furniture were placed on site, including desks, beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, TV cabinets, sofas, etc.,

with nearly a hundred pieces. Each piece of furniture has a price tag on it that indicates the price and material of the product. Some are called rosewood, some are called red rosewood, and some are acid branches. Ornaments, bracelets and other decorations are also on sale at the scene, and the price is also indicated at a shocking price.

The Beijing News reporter saw that a rosewood chair costs 3,800 yuan, a set of four tables of rosewood furniture for 3,900 yuan, a rosewood tea table is priced at 25,000 yuan. The on-site sales staff said that all the furniture sold on the site were produced in Dongyang,

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