Environmentally Friendly Architectural Home Plans July 27, 2018 6:02 AM

By : qi

No one wants to believe they bought a toy, purse or clothing item that's contaminated with toxic residues. It makes buying anything downright scary. So, what if you were to make the commitment to purchase only environmentally safe products? Would that make you feel better? It shouldn't.

Chemical residues are everywhere and we can only minimize our exposure at this point. While, making the commitment to look for environmentally safe products is a broad brush stroke, narrowing down what we are looking for helps. Let's take three items to look for. What material's are the products made from? Meaning wood, plastic etc. What kind of packaging/wrapping does the product have? Lastly, where is it manufactured? I picked these three because each are very different but all three together become a heavy hitter.

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Material's are important. We have all been alerted to the danger factor with BPA in food containers and drinking products. Reusable plastic containers are now being made without BPA. Formaldehyde is another widely used chemical that's a concern for kids. This chemical has been found in composite wood products like furniture, cabinets for the home and clothing.

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