How to Keep My brazilian hair Looking Healthy September 14, 2017 3:48 AM

By : alihair

Brazilian hair can add length and fullness to almost any hairstyle,but many people are reluctant to wear them because they are unsure of how to care for them,and frizzy,damaged extensions are unattractive and look fake. 
Whether sporting new tresses for just a weekend or for much longer,keep hair looking healthy with the proper care.
1. Brush hair bundles with a soft-bristled brush when they are dry.Grasp the extensions with one hand,holding them loosely where they connect with your natural hair.
2. Brush the hair bundles with your other hand.Stroke the hair,brushing from the ends, moving upwards.
3. Stop brushing when you get close to where the extensions attach to your hair. Brush the top of your hair carefully without pulling your hair bundles.
4. Brush hair several times a day.
5. Wash your hair daily with a shampoo designed for long hair.Dirty does not look healthy.
6. Squirt a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Rub it into the bottom of your hair,lathering the hair.
7. Squirt a dime-sized amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Rub the shampoo into your scalp.
8. Rinse the hair using cool or warm water. Hot water will cause extensions connected by hot glue to slip.
9. Wring the hair gently to remove excess water.Squeeze from the bottom by twisting the hair.
10. Apply conditioner to the bottom of your hair.Squirt a dime-sized amount of conditioner into your palm, then work it into your hair.Do not put conditioner in your weave or on your glue attachments.
11. Leave conditioner in for two minutes.Rinse with cool or warm water.Wring the excess water from your hair.
12. Towel dry your hair starting at the bottom and working your way up.
13. Brush out your hair with a wide-toothed comb, again starting from the bottom.Work around the extension attachments.Do not try to comb through the extensions.
14. Curl or straighten,as you would style your own hair.Avoid placing hot appliances on your Brazilian hair.If your hair is synthetic,do not use heated styling products.
15. Visit your stylist every four to six weeks to have the extensions lifted back up your scalp.

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