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pros and cons of all types of railing available in the market. Here we are discussing the main benefits of all types of the railing. Now it is up to you what types of railing suits you most. The wooden railing is the railing with elegance but requires too much maintains and expenses time and again. One

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does not feel free for the whole life after installing a wooden railing in his house. It may rot with the passage of time and the effect of weather is showed by it at once as compared to the other types of railing 2nd type is the steel railing.htis is the railings that require no much maintains charges

but it is a heavy metal to install and handle so it must be kept in mind. The greatest advantage of the steel railing is that there is no need of cutting or grinding. Its parts can easily be adjusted in the space wherever you want to install. 3rd type is the aluminum railing. This is also a

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