Owning silicone sex dolls can reduce your life pressure September 18, 2017 11:01 AM

By : Brunaka

As we all to known, The imbalance between men and women, more and more men can not find objects, with inflatable dolls, at least to release some people’s sexual repression, to some extent, reduce sexual crime. Well, what is the inflatable doll made of? What’s the good of it?

There are three types of silicone sex doll:  regular inflatable dolls, half silicone dolls, and full silicone dolls.

1.the regular inflatable dolls: Ordinary inflatable doll inflatable molding, it can design any size  the body is soft, elastic,  the skin is round, cannot display the human aesthetic appearance, rougher, probably can only simulate human structure.

2.The whole doll is made of solid material and can be made of TPR material and silicone rubber. The body is very similar to the human body. The head and body are close to the human body. The size of the body is as big as the human body or close to the size of the human body.

3.High simulation entity doll, the internal entity is not inflated, the skin muscles are made of silicone rubber and other soft materials, installation of the mechanical skeleton inside can do a lot of dolls, doll body posture, fidelity and reality similarity is very high, even to the extent of real ones.

silicone love doll
Love Dolls

Secondly, with inflatable dolls, men can sit back and relax, will effectively reduce sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. And it can relieve work stress. A single man’s work pressure is very big, especially in life lack of women’s concern, career and undergo a lot of pressure, and have inflatable doll is the best way to effectively relieve the pressure, so, it does a good choice for adult.Our sex dolls are all made of full medical silicone, not inflatable dolls.High Quality Loving Doll For Man

1. we can design it for you as you offer the design pictuer for us
2. Our dolls all have metal skeleton inside, could do any pose as you need.
3. Clients have different heads and wig options.
4. Clients can add pubic hair.
5. We have different sizes: 65cm,100cm,108cm,110cm, 125cm, 136cm, 145cm, 154cm, 158cm, 165cm and 168cm. 145cm to 165cm 168cm dolls are more favorable than other sizes.
6. 110cm to 168cm dolls could add oral sex function.
7. 158cm to 168cm dolls could add heat and voice functions. (smart system)

Love Dolls
Love Dolls



High-Quality Loving Doll For Man.Our dolls all have a metal skeleton inside, could do any pose as a request.Clients have different heads and wig options.Clients can add pubic hair.We have different sizes:65cm,100cm,108cm,110cm,125cm,136cm,145cm,154cm,158cm,165cm and 168cm.145cm to 165cm,168cm dolls are more favorable than other sizes.110cm to 168cm dolls could add oral sex function.158cm to 168cm dolls could add heat and voice functions.

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