Precautions for floor cleaning. August 07, 2018 3:57 AM

By : qi

Moisture remaining in the cement will cause the ECO to bubble a bit as it is applied. This problem will continue even after the ECO has dried completely. Rinsing with alcohol when the floor is completely clean will help get the cement completely dry. After the alcohol, rinse with a product that is compatible with ECO. Water is totally incompatible. Be aware that the chemicals being used with ECO are flammable. When the etching and cleaning processes are finished, make sure the concrete floor and tools and clothing are totally dry. " composite deck heat forming kitsch , pics of pvc on walls " Now applying the ECO begins. Read the instructions again. Mix the material very well as instructed. With this step remember that ECO will harden fairly quickly so it must be applied knowing that. Around the edges of the floor a brush should be used to keep close to the wall. For the rest of the floor use a roller. It may take 2 application kits to complete the project. It is been done when a very thin coat is applied and then allowed to dry to the point that you cannot make an imprint on the ECO. Then make a second application. When the ECO has dried (the second application if you made a second application) the garage should be unused for at least 48 hours. Brushes, rollers and other tools purchased for the ECO application will be thrown away when this project is complete. It is not necessary to spend high prices for these tools. After the project is complete or possibly before beginning, you should take some time to calculate the janitor services or commercial cleaning that may be necessary for maintenance when the project(s) is/are completed. " composite wall panels high quality definition images , cost of balcony plastic deck "

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