easy to cause emotional instability September 13, 2018 10:40 PM

By : qi

Tender green bedspread soothes tension. People who are impatient should use people who are emotionally unstable and impatient. The room should use a tender green bed cover to relax the spirit and relieve tension. In general, the color of the bedspread is mostly in light colors.

Golden bed cover depression and drooping people taboo Golden yellow is easy to cause emotional instability, so people with depression and madness should not use golden yellow. Blue bedcover computer, white-collar family Suitable If the owner of the room suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease,

it is best to put a light blue bed cover to help lower blood pressure and normal pulse. In addition, blue is also suitable for white-collar workers with excessive brain. Purple bedspread patients with heart disease with purple can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, have a calming effect,

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