Childhood is full of happiness: childhood is full September 14, 2018 4:42 AM

By : ylq

Childhood is full of happiness: childhood is full of joy: childhood is full of the pursuit of ideals. I have had many dreams since I was a child, such as being a doctor who saved the wounded, a diplomat, or a teacher teacher is a very sacred and respected profession. Luo Guojie once said this: "The teacher is like a candle, burning and consuming itself, illuminating the path of others' progress; like a piece of chalk, spreading the seeds of wisdom and imparting knowledge to others Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Gradually wear yourself; like a ladder, people step on their shoulders to climb the peak, to pick the fruits of victory." Although the teacher is very hard, but every time students have achievements in all aspects, I am very pleased.I were a teacher, I would bring each student with a smile. When I was in class, I saw a classmate talking and would not immediately criticize him. I would stare at him with serious eyes and let him not speak. I will definitely take every class and teach you a wealth of knowledge so that they can soar in the ocean of knowledgeI am a teacher, I will definitely not throw a bunch of exercises into everyone, and students need me to inspire and inspire them Cigarettes Online. I will also take them to embrace nature and understand the truth of life in the game.I were a teacher, I would really care about my classmates. I will let everyone treat me as a member of them. I hope that my classmates can treat me as your big sister. If you have any intimate words, you can talk to me. I am happy to share with them. I have troubles to help them share their worries. really like the job of a teacher. Sometimes I dream of dreaming of being a teacher and standing on the podium to teach theone day my dream is realized Marlboro Cigarettes Price, I will use my knowledge to teach a group of students to work hard for the future of the motherland. At that time, the students I teach will work in various positions. At that time, I will enjoy the same as my teacher - the glory and happiness of Tao Li. In order to realize my dream, from now on, I will study hard and realize my dreams as soon as possible.Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and rich forest with many animals living in it. I was a deer living inside.fe is very simple, but I feel very happy. The most enjoyable thing is to sunbathe the sun by the river and chase the butterfly. Although there are big wolves.rtunately, it didn't last long. When I was thirsty and was going to drink water by the river, I suddenly stopped. There were several bodies of my companions lying by the river! I am so scared... I ran over and found that they were not killed by a beast, but drank sewage! I looked at the place where the water was flowing, and saw a black smoke umans do it? But we have no time and no enemies for generations and people. We have saved them! No?" I can't believe it. I suddenly heard the gunshots and the screams of the intermittent companions Carton Of Newports... I went straight to the place where I made the call. "Haha... I am so lucky today! This rabbit looks a lot of meat!" A strong and powerful The black man grabbed the ears of a rabbit and laughed Marlboro Red 100S. I am so scared, I want to run away quickly, but I think this is my home. Where can I go? I want to slam into the big black man, but there are hunters next to me. Did I ever vote for the net? I intend to follow them and see what they are doing to catch the animals in our forest. 

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