One night, I fell asleep and made a September 14, 2018 4:42 AM

By : ylq

One night, I fell asleep and made a beautiful and magical dream - I will fly. first stop is the moon. I have just come to the moon and there are so many palace ladies coming to me. They are the maids. They took me to Ms. Yu��s palace and took me to the moon. The scenery above was fascinating, with a curved river and many goldfish. I also took me to many beautiful places, which really made me feel relaxed and open-minded. I am leaving, and there are many fairies to see me off.I flew to the earth with a "snap" and the South Pole arrived. I looked to the side, all over the place, a piece of ice and snow, so cold. I walked for a while and saw the Great Wall Station. I am very happy. There are many uncles and aunts here, an uncle said; do you want to have astronomical exploration with us? I handed the information to my uncle and helped the aunt pour water. They all like me very much and I have gained a lot of knowledge Cigarettes Online.just went out, a group of penguins came to me, they still talked. I and the penguin played while walking, and soon came to Zhongshan Station. I saw the uncles and aunts at Zhongshan Station looking for oil. I also listened to them; which country the oil is found in? I was very happy to hear that I thought we could find the oil first Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. But at this moment someone pushed me, I climbed up and looked at my mother. I think: If my mother doesn't call me up, the dream may be more colorful.will study hard in the future, create the magical wings of mankind, fly to the world, find knowledge Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and find treasure. My dreams will come true.Tolerance is a kind of cultivation; tolerance is a virtue; tolerance is a gentleman's style. As the saying goes: "Forbearance is calm and calm, take a step back and open the sky." Be a man who cares, are you happy? unhappy! Since you are not happy, it is better to be a magnanimous person!ce is not a timid thing, but a generosity. One often forgives oneself easily. It is not tolerance, it is cowardice. Tolerance also needs to be "checked in", to see if the object is making a decision. If you are determined not to tolerate a person who is worthy of your tolerance, then you have an opinion on him; you tolerate a person who is not worthy of tolerance, and that is indulgence, that is partiality. So tolerance is also a kind of a bright morning. I was bored and went to my sister's house. When I arrived at her house, she was doing homework. When I saw him, I went to get the fruit. Let me play here first. I responded and went to her room. I saw it, the same beautiful gift caught my eye. When my eyes were bright, I reached out and took it Marlboro Red 100S. Who knows, I couldn��t reach it. Just touch it, it chased it down, "ž" The ground was crisp, and this little gift was "smashed". I was shocked and squatted there. I don't know how to be good. My sister heard the sound of her beloved little gift on the ground. It was also a surprise. I thought to myself: This is a complete game. Then I bowed down to you and apologized: "Sister, I am sorry, I am not deliberate, I am sorry, I am really sorry." I thought she would reprimand me, thinking about my mother��s complaint, let me accompany her again. Who knows, people are not as good as days, I am not Zhuge Liang, she smiled and said: "Nothing, don't worry, I won't blame you!" I looked at her slyly, my face was surprised and not Believe. "It doesn't matter!" She patted me on the shoulder and said with a smile Newport Cigarettes Website. "Can you forgive me? Isn't this your most cherished baby?" "Yes! But the profound words of my sister that made me deeply touched. Yes, tolerance is a virtue, a kind of cultivation, the world, because of tolerance, the world becomes colorful, pure and radiant! 

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