Financial help for newcomers in Canada! January 28, 2018 12:42 PM

By : Dennis


I have been in Canada for the last eight months. I was transferred to Canada as a part of my profession. But, now I am more comfortable with this place, even more than my place. So, I have a plan to settle here and will be bringing my family soon.

I had a look at the legal matters related to the immigrants in Canada. There are many hurdles for an immigrant to get settled here and the main thing is about the financial support available for us! I could only find a few people discussing the financial services for immigrants in Canada.

I was
looking for a mortgage to buy a condo near the apartment I currently live. Then I could see only one broker offering the service to us! Now, I would like to know more about other organizations and helplines providing services to those who are new to Canada.

Hope someone could help! Reply awaited. Thanks in advance.

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