square meter of deck April 17, 2018 3:40 AM

By : qi

The person in charge of a brand flooring company stated that the price increase is a good thing. If the cost pressure is not passed on to the consumers, the company can only achieve maximum profits by reducing the quality. However, this ��good thing�� is simply ��improve�� the objective factors such as raw material price increase, black composite door price in UK freight, and packaging fees? To this end, the reporter��s multi-pronged investigation even heard such a point: There is an invisible hand to borrow raw materials. Starting from September, every day from a certain place

in Jiangsu, it actively sends its own price information to competitors across the country. Actively combining with other base material suppliers intends to collectively raise the price of the substrate, which in turn causes price fluctuations in the entire industry. teak and holly laminate vinyl floors for boats Floor prices rise in popularity If you say that on April 1 this year, 5% of the consumption tax imposed on solid wood floors is a chain reaction caused by a severe shortage of global timber resources. Now all kinds of data show that the substrate has gone up and the freight rate has gone

up. Even the packing fee has gone up, and the laminate flooring is also noisy and ��up.�� In the past, there was another voice in the industry saying that since floors are special consumer goods and consumption cycles are long, consumers are not sensitive to their prices, pvc outdoor furniture for courtyard apartments and consumers who really need to buy wooden floor renovations will not give up because of the slight increase in wood floors. Wooden floor. In response, some people bluntly pointed out that 'price increase' is a gimmick to strengthen the hype of flooring

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