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recyclable. This means that the uPVC present in the fences and outside wall can be easily reshaped into pipes and other products for further use. It can be used for other building products as well, such as: Fascia: This architectural unit also provides a fixing point to support the gutter just below the roof. Cladding: Long planks of uPVC are used to cover

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the walls of the house to protect it from the harm caused by the damaging action of the weather. The use of cladding can increase the face value of the house. This is yet another place where uPVC has successfully replaced traditional hard wood as the preferred raw material. Some Common Issues with somekeyword and outside wall, and their Solution

The best material for making fences and outside wall is uPVC. However, in the long run, some problems are bound to arise. Listed below are some common issues and their possible solutions: 1. Difficulty while locking the uPVC window or fence: This issue is generally caused by improper alignment of the fence or the window with its frame. This can

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