our floor alliance summit has brought together April 23, 2018 3:40 AM

By : qi

process of “urbanization” does not solve the problem of low peasants’exterior wood wall panel systems spending power. And the fast-food consumer psychology has also mobilized the city's low-end market, such as the cottage mobile phone, to cater for such a low-port flavor. This is why the “cottage” has been rampant in recent years,[url=]cross laminated timber advantages[/url] which has caused threats to brands and licensed goods. At the same time, the Chinese flooring industry has not escaped the "low end"

curse. The low price is the biggest advantage of low-end products,wall panel in 4mm prices so it is easy to open the market and capture the hearts of consumers in the low-end market, which can help companies to open the market well and return funds in the initial stage. It can be said that the future low-floor flooring market is a game of risk and opportunity. With the development of the company, if it is still intoxicated in the low-end market,[url=]hard sided pool with deck around it[/url] then it is likely to be a

trap, and it may be the day when the "low-end" mud will not be in its infancy.deck material thickness Saturation of urban demand Rural markets have been stired up. Second, the low-end market, which is mainly rural, has been heated up. Recently, the news that “building materials go to the countryside”[url=]dampproof wooden composite floor[/url] has been written into the “Central Document No. 1” has been reprinted by quite a number of media. Some media have stated that “building materials go to

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