Too much self-esteem and sensitivity March 20, 2020 5:32 AM

By : eleanor

In the emotional life, moderate self-esteem and sensitivity is a good mentality, but too much self-esteem and sensitivity will force their marriage on the road. The instructions before marriage are strictly followed, and the requirements after marriage are embezzled. One is courteous and the other is procrastinating. The contrast between before marriage and after marriage forces our self-esteem into a narrow path. One of the couple will think that their spouse is despised and disrespectful. In order to defend their own dignity, they are too “self-respect” and sensitive to each other’s words and actions, especially for a sentence or unintentional act that the other party says inadvertently, they will “mean” for half a day. This kind of mindset says a bit good to hear that calls to love too much head, say bad to hear is nervous allergy. If we don’t desensitize in time, we can only accelerate the other side’s rebellious psychology and psychological heaviness in the long run. For example, even if your partner asks you to use a sex doll you will say no.

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