endure drought is able May 01, 2018 8:53 PM

By : qi

up to now. Imprint Lian root system develops, bud force is powerful, be able to bear or endure drought is able to bear or endure barren, be in year of rainfall the All Marine Composite Board Deck Distributors layer of barren and dilettante earth under 500 millimeter or stone gravel sand also can grow normally on the ground, it is Yunnan province the afforestation of area of river valley fighting heat, good tree that improves soil

erosion of zoology environment, processing is planted, also develop type to help deficient start for these areas new approach, because this works area of catchment of hot river valley,inexpensive deck composite imprint to developing Lian industry pour into great enthusiasm. Autonomous prefecture of the Yi nationality is in the Chuxiong that is located in drainage area of golden sanded river yuan of plant

experimentally that seek a county imprint after Lian is successful, energetically promotion imprints Lian is cultivated, at present entire administrative division has been cultivated grip non skid fence reviews imprint Lian 2. 70 thousand mus. The plan arrives 2005, entire administrative division is cultivated imprint Lian 150 thousand mus, build imprint Lian machines industry, those who make make point of growth of

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