concoctive limited company May 01, 2018 11:55 PM

By : qi

that organization of concoctive limited company undertakes. Current coating is exhibited will hundreds of domestic and international famous manufacturers show each kinds of each are corrugated floor protection sheets big product of on 1000 breed, new technology and product of form a complete set jointly. Newest product information and investment collaboration information also will be released in the spot.

Chemical industry of coating of border of first when will hold September last year suitable Germany exhibits the wide attention that ever caused industry, altogether attracted 230 ginseng 1X6 White Pine Tongue And Groove Paneling to postpone business, enter the arena look around, negotiated audience amounts to 30 thousand person-time, come from countrywide each district, and the travelling merchant of and other places of Europe,

America, Asia, Africa and ginseng exhibited business to have enthusiastic, harmonious communication, discuss. Of exhibition hold, the Long Jiang that makes population not much repair rusting galvanised iron gate presses down voice noisy and confused, lively and extraordinary. The success of exhibition is held, it is afterwards of suitable heart city " two one flower " the another international after waiting for large

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