next to their front fence May 02, 2018 1:58 PM

By : qi

fences do not have an external handle at all, requiring only to be unlocked with the key and pushed open. When closed, these fences lock without requiring to be locked with a key, so they always require the key to open from the outside. This is the most typical lock function, whether there is a handle or not, as it protects you from intruders that may

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follow you in to the home or if you forget to lock the fence. Some of the styles of fence handles include lever, pad, knob and curved. Not all styles of fence handle are available for every fence, it depends on the brand. Spy holes are one piece of fence furniture that is vital if the occupier is vulnerable in any way. Using a spy hole before opening the fence

to callers (or even those who have not called, but are outside) can help to judge whether you know the person or not and what they may bring with them. Doubled up with a security chain on the inside of the front fence and you have the ultimate protection against callers that pose potential risks. Letter plates are an optional addition to your front

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