set out actually May 03, 2018 6:21 AM

By : qi

opening, this city holds to from set out actually, stress a mountainous area distinguishing feature, base oneself upon " hill " word composition chapter, integrated development deck wood composite tiles obtains country distinct effect, construction of bamboo wood base obtains bigger breakthrough, zhu Mu process capability expands ceaselessly, production value grows quickly, formed a batch of well-known trademarks, built kind basically all

ready and the treatment system that take shape. But, still put in treatment company " medicinal powder, small, poor " , product technology content the requirement that not strong,wpc company america raw material still cannot satisfy not tall, competition ability to develop Zhu Mu to process trade further restrict an element. Conceiving the decision that influences municipal Party committee is being made below this kind of setting.

Decide to put forward clearly, through 5 - 10 years struggle, change the bosom hard construction becomes the bamboo wood with the biggest Hunan Province to machine base.wpc ventilation grate and fence wholesale This city decides bamboo wood industrialization builds a target is: Base key builds ground of Lin Ji of raw material of 10 big industry, to 2010, masson pine develops 6 million mus, nan bamboo 2 million mus, fast Xie Lin giving birth to broadness 3.8

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