province adornment assist May 04, 2018 3:23 AM

By : qi

sponsorred, guild of material of Guangdong province adornment assist do, guangdong Taiwan businessman invests commerce to seek advice from conference of new era of service center composite garden picket fencing and Guangzhou to exhibit limited company to undertake, will exhibit the building such as metal fittings of window of of all kinds plank, door, lamp act the role ofing, staircase, home appliance, furniture, coating, ceramics, wholesome

pottery and porcelain, building, tool, paint and adornment material. Exhibit meeting controller to point out, current exhibition is the building materials fair that after creative ideas for low cost fence China enters a life, holds in North America first, exhibit meeting general to make full use of WTO is regular, serve to export a company, the enterprise enters current exhibition, also be one of good ways that enter North America market.

According to introducing, industry of Guangdong building materials develops nearly 20 years swift and violent, guangdong building and adornment material year current total anti vermin grill wooden verandas counts the market more than one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight dollars, breed and beautiful type are updated ceaselessly, quality and technology also rise ceaselessly, increase inferior

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