the construction of industrial May 06, 2018 10:35 PM

By : qi

Luliang County regards the construction of industrial parks as the main battleground of industrial leapfrog development, the gathering place of private economic development, and the growth pole of county economic development. According to the overall thinking of overall planning,

echelon construction, and rolling development, scientifically compiles a garden of three pieces of 47.7 square meters. The kilometers of industrial park planning, of which 10 square kilometers of Qingshan light industrial area is mainly silk, electronic information industry, packaging and printing, food processing,

27.6 square kilometers of the Momogu integrated processing area with new building materials, woody oil and other biological resources Mainly processing, 10.1 square kilometers of the exaggerated heavy industry and logistics industry area to coal chemical industry, silicon chemical industry, etc.,

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