critical period of rapid developmen May 08, 2018 3:20 AM

By : qi

the introduction of advanced equipment for wardrobe companies, continuous innovation in research and development, technological advancement, and low-emission, non-polluting, high-precision transformation and upgrading, will realize the wardrobe industry and the environment.

The coordinated development.Leasing is sought after. Wardrobe products can not be sold by renting leases. Leasing is sought after. Wardrobe products can not be rented out by selling stalls. Guideline: After 10 years of development, the whole wardrobe industry is currently in a critical period of rapid development.

Each brand is occupying the pyramid side of the brand pattern, and promoting market competition is moving toward a white-hot trend. Many closet agents stated that there are more and more brands on the market, and the market is increasingly difficult to do

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