mahogany furniture trading and distribution May 09, 2018 12:42 AM

By : qi

According to Zhang Liming's introduction, after the opening of Hall b, the China Redwood Hall will become the largest and most complete brand and the most concentrated brand of mahogany furniture trading and distribution center in Central and South China.

It is reported that China's Redwood Museum, a museum and the second phase b Hall, in the redwood products, the origin, the school has a distinction. Judging from the material and craftsmanship, the first phase of the China Redwood Museum mainly consists of rosewood and rosewood.

The second phase is based on huanghuali, rosewood and red rosewood. There are not a few mahogany furniture sets in the b pavilion. When opening in the b building, consumers can enjoy the elegant style of mahogany furniture with a million-dollar level and appreciate the variety of styles and cultures of mahogany furniture production.

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