advertising status of the product May 09, 2018 8:04 AM

By : qi

supplemented by production, thus forming a "small production,deck waterproofing systems average prices large market" The phenomenon caused a swarm of bees to squeeze into the market, ignoring the personalization of the product; in overestimating the “market regulation”, overemphasizing the need for adaptation,[url=]composite decking for hot climates[/url] lacking the “active adjustment”—the idea of ​​creating market demand; and not deepening market research. There is no regional market plan. The lack of understanding

of the market's imbalanced development has led to decision-making errors. marine applications of composite materialsThe lack of a production plant to establish its own market system makes it easy for it to be controlled by dealers or businesses. Excessive reliance on the planned economy and distrust of the market is more common in state-owned enterprises.[url=]monarch decking warranty contact[/url] These enterprises have weak awareness, poor response and coping ability, over-confidence in their own experience and

judgment, lack of market research and professional market operation experience,lightweight 4x8 panels leading to blind decisions and projects. Many companies also rely on the inertia of the planning system and do not believe in the role of the market. They always hope to extract more benefits from the planning system. [url=]where can buy the cheapest composite fencing[/url]Misunderstandings of promotion behavior are mainly reflected in two aspects: (A) Misconceptions Some companies have overemphasized the

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