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October is National Transport Month in South Africa. The month was marked as such to advocate highway safety awareness. South Africa  roads are amongst the worlds most treacherous. In 2016 Lions Ameer Abdullah Jersey , over 14,000 people died in motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, that was a nine percent increase in deaths from 2015.


Celebrate National Transport Month by making sure you know traffic laws and do all you can to make sure you stay safe at all times while on the road. Here are some tips:


o Traffic Circles. Traffic circles continue to confuse many drivers and numerous accidents continue to occur in them. The basic rule in a traffic circle is simple: always give way to the car approaching from the right. If you stick to this rule, you l avoid most problems.


o Amber Lights. Some see an amber light as an invitation to speed, rather than slow down. Remember, an amber light means that the light is about to change to red. It  a warning Lions Barry Sanders Jersey , not a challenge.


o Cell Phones. Cell phones have distracted drivers for years and while most drivers know they shouldn  text and drive, many still do. Cell phones, however, are great for emergencies and should only be reserved for such a time.


o Car Batteries. You need a functioning car battery to start your car. All car batteries have a certain life span. Depending on the quality, such could range between two to seven years. It also important to know how to jump start your car battery, should it ever need to do so.


How to Jump Start Your Car Battery


Jump starting your dead car battery is easy. You l need jumper cables and another car. Here are the steps:


1. Park the other car so its engine faces your car. The cars shouldn  Lions Austin Bryant Jersey , however, touch.
2. Attach the jumper cables to the positive (red) and negative (black) leads of the working car battery. Then attach the other ends respectively to your car (making sure the cables are attached to the same color). To avoid sparks, locate a piece of bare metal on which to ground the negative lead.
3. Once the cables are secure, start the other car and run the engine for about two minutes.
4. Turn off the working car and detach the cables. Your car should not be charged and ready to go.


Batteries and More


Owner managed Batteries &More has over twenty years of experience in the following services:


o Auto Car Battery testing, repair andor replacement.
o Alternator for Sale, testing Lions Will Harris Jersey , repair, andor replacement.
o Auto Electrical Repair
o Starter Motor Repair
o Starter and alternator related parts (e.g. Bendix's, brushes, armatures, rotors, stators Lions Jahlani Tavai Jersey , regulators, rectifiers, etc.).


Of course, there鈥檚 the 鈥渁nd more:鈥?p>

o Paintless Dent Removal, where technicians essentially massage out vehicle dents.
o MagRim Repair, where technicians repair damaged wheel rims.


Batteries & More is a mobile service company Lions T.J. Hockenson Jersey , which means it comes to you. You鈥檒l never have to worry about taking time off from work or potential loss of income. It also guarantees its services. Batteries & More, therefore, provides both convenience and peace of mind.


Call Batteries & More today at +27 (011) 616 4232 or visit its website at:


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The dog world is blessed with many wonderful breeds, from the tiny Chihuahua to the giant Mastiff. However, dog lovers in search of a unique personality and an equally unique look may want to look a bit further a field for their new canine companion. For many years discerning dog owners have been charmed by the beautiful and highly intelligent Rhodesian Ridgeback, and this wonderful breed certainly makes an impact wherever it goes.

As the name implies AShawn Robinson Color Rush Jersey , the Rhodesian Ridgeback originally hails from Africa, although its origins lie in the country of South Africa and not Rhodesia. This unique breed was originally bred as a hunting dog, and it often accompanied big game hunters as they sought at their quarry. In fact, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is also known as the African Lion Hound, no doubt a tribute to its big game hunting heritage.

The ridge for which the Rhodesian Ridgeback is named is a product of its wild heritage, and one of the most prominent features of the breed. For hundreds of years Michael Roberts Color Rush Jersey , European immigrants living in Rhodesia, the country known today as Zimbabwe, had crossed their own dogs with the native dogs the region. These native dogs featured a prominent ridge along their back, and they passed that distinct feature on to their crossbred offspring.

Of course these early Rhodesian Ridgebacks were valued for far more than their unusual coats. The natives of this wild land needed dogs that could perform multiple duties, from hunting and herding to protecting the property of their masters.

In addition, those early dog owners needed dogs that were easy to keep and that required little in the way of grooming. They found all that and more in the Rhodesian Ridgeback Jalen Reeves-Maybin Color Rush Jersey , and the modern breed continues to exhibit all of these highly desirable qualities.

These days many Rhodesian Ridgebacks continue their lives as top quality hunting dogs. Although fewer may hunt lions and other big game these days, they also excel at retrieving and flushing out smaller game. Sportsmen from around the world continue to value this unique breed for its intelligence, its loyalty and its natural hunting ability.

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