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Garden Design Software - Benefits and Features Add Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs When using garden design software, it is easy to add plants to your landscape. See how different plants appear when they are placed together, notice how much space they require in your garden, and be mindful of the amount of sunlight they receive. If a plant is not

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blending very well with your garden design, just swap it out with a different plant. Making changes is easy when they are done at your desk and not in the soil. Place Mulch, Grass, and Dirt Design a bed for your gardens by placing mulch or dirt. It is recommended to use mulch for garden designs when available, as mulch can be quite attractive in the

right setting. Choose the right type of mulch or dirt for your region, and be mindful of the soil requirements of the plants you place in it. Design your lawn by creating a large grassy region. Choose the type of grass that compliments your house and is easy to care for. Alternately, use artificial grass for minimum care requirements and savings in your water bill.

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