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5 Best Transformable Tablets for Professionals Pre-Loaded Windows 8 Computers Articles | November 6 Todd Frazier Womens Jersey , 2012


Windows 8 is now a serious contender in the world of computing, with Hybrids becoming more popular amongst traditional PC users, it?s only a matter of time before the traditional tablet computer and the laptop become extinct.?



It?s already been one week since Windows 8 has become available on the consumer market. Microsoft claims that they?ve already sold around four million copies of Windows 8 since its commercial availability. Even though the golden opportunity to purchase windows 8 is already here, it?s highly likely that consumers will truly begin using Windows 8 practically once they purchase a new machine preloaded with it.? Given the fact that touch compatibility isn?t a requirement to run Windows 8 on a machine Marcus Stroman Womens Jersey , it seems that Windows 8 is the perfect operating system for the latest PC-Tablet hybrids also known as convertibles. ?These devices have the option to be utilized like a traditional tablet with the computing power of a laptop or ultra book, yet you still have typical keyboard to use for more practical purposes, turning them into fully functional laptops. If you?re looking into purchasing these convertibles, then it?s best to do your research before you head out and simply purchase any run-of-the-mill convertible.


Asus Transformer Book:


Coming in at number 1 is the Asus Transformer Book. What makes this device so unique?? The transformer for Windows 8 is new Mike Piazza Womens Jersey , yet android based versions have been around for a while. With its ARM based processor, it?s considered an Ultra book in every sense. In fact, it?s Capable of handling more processing tasks than your typical net-book.


Dell XPS 12:


The Dell XPS 12 is a fully blown laptop with a touch screen. You can rotate the screen within its clamshell; this also means that you don?t have to deal with a smaller keyboard. The built quality on the XPS is also a solid one with aluminum carbon chassis, giving it a sturdy Darryl Strawberry Womens Jersey , premium look.


Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 11:


Also like the dell XPS 12, the yoga 11 is a full blow laptop that can be converted into a tablet computer. Its processing muscle comes from Nvidia?s Tegra 3 chip; a 13 inch version and an 11 inch version are available on the market boasting identical designs. The screen on the Yoga 11 can be rotated to 360 degrees.


Microsoft Surface for RT:


Available on the market for the first time, Microsoft?s very first PC seems to be success. So, successful that it has been sold out in most outlets Keith Hernandez Womens Jersey , in addition, the base model which is currently backordered. Microsoft has designed the surface around the windows 8 platform; the hardware and software go hand in hand. Sadly, currently few apps are available from Microsoft for the surface. Nevertheless, several apps are bound to be developed once the Windows 8 is widely adapted.


Sony Vaio Duo 11:


The Duo 11 doesn?t have touchpad because space constraints are an issue. On the plus side David Wright Womens Jersey , it has a full high-definition panel with decent viewing angles. With Ultra-book class hardware, it certainly is a solid performer. It converts by sliding screen which snaps into place. Additionally, it also has a digital stylus, which always comes in handy for business professionals.? In addition Yoenis Cespedes Jersey , it has a proprietary application compatible with Windows 8 that lets you use the stylus and the touch screen.


Word of caution:


Though these machines are great for professionals on the go, they come with a downside ? theft or loss. If you end up losing your transformer, chances are your private data would be compromised, experts recommend that you protect classified data with data security software such as Folder Lock. It has been especially engineered to work on Windows 8 and its applications.

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