output of wood flooring May 16, 2018 6:28 AM

By : qi

the financial friendly composite furniture manufacturersEliminating the drawbacks of the flooring industry China's floor production efficiency The level of product is still relatively low; plagiarism is prevalent and most companies do not have the determination to establish their own brand. Many products also lack a unique design,[url=]recycled plastic house siding[/url] lack creativity and personality; many brands are unclear and their image is blurred; companies have signs and employees No sense, consumers turn a

blind eye; product promotion has spared no effort,discount texture composite wood wall panel the company's brand name has been hidden in name; re-development of light services, the brand into an overkill. Here, the author believes that although China is a big country in the floor manufacturing industry, but it is not a strong country.[url=]what is the cheapest way to cover the cement wall[/url] Under the situation that the flooring industry is full of brands, flooring companies need to establish a multi-faceted marketing network system to

promote the floor brand more profoundly,rectangle wood deck patterns so that there is a game between the floor companies, so that the flooring products can be integrated as soon as possible.This year will be the normative year for the wood floor covering market. The national standard “Wood Flooring Installation Specification” [url=]manufactures board american composite[/url]GB/T20238-2006 and the Ministry of Construction “Wood Flooring Installation Technical Regulations” (CECS191:2005) will be

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