How to improve hair problems? July 11, 2017 8:51 AM

By : newlytoupee.

1., let the hair more "drink water.""
In the dry autumn, the hair is easy to dry dry, the most simple and effective method is wash, and the use of moisture rich ingredients of shampoo, and don't forget the high degree of moisturizing conditioner lotion, it can form a layer of protective film on the surface of the hair, that hair needed moisture and nutrients are not easily lost.
2. side shampoo and scalp massage
Shampoo and massage your scalp
Shampoo scalp massage, can regulate sebum secretion, promote blood circulation, nutrition to cells, make the hair grow, and can be excluded from the pores in the dirt, to keep the scalp, hair clean.
3. iced green tea repairs sunburn on the scalp
Ice green tea can prevent inflammation and act as a convergence. It can restore the tanned scalp and soothe the head skin that has been abnormally stimulated.
4. rinse with cold water at last
To make your hair smoother, use cold water at the last rinse. Because of the low temperature will make the head pores, so that human hair extension will help restore smooth, hair cuticle closed, make hair more soft and smooth.
5. strengthen nourishment
A lot of dry hair has no luster, except for lack of water, especially lack of nutrition. In addition to every shampoo should be used conditioner, once a week deep nourishing hair is a good way to enhance hair gloss. After shampooing, apply the essence to the hair from the root hair to the hair. Repeat it 3 times until all the essence is absorbed. Adhere to a month later, the hair dry state will be reduced, and naturally enhance the gloss.

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