How to place a wig at home? July 27, 2017 6:01 AM

By : newlytoupee.

The wig is best to be hung or put on a spherical shelf under the conditions permitted. It can also be placed in a cabinet in a box or in a bag. The wig should be put in the bag before it is put into the bag, and then put into a bag. If it's a long bag, put the part in front of it first, then put the wig upside down and just go in. Electrostatic spray compliant wig wearing time, to prevent. Just shake it and wear it.
If the wig is worn regularly, still can use high support to pad inside headgear, use hand, or wide tooth comb, comb the hair into original shape. When combing, first from the hair comb, and then gradually up, don't pull, because will pull hair small winding.
If you do not often wear hair number, thick in the inner pad of paper caps, a packaging net (purchase, packaging, generally there will be careful not to set too tight), so as to avoid the wig pressure deformation, and then placed flat on the inside of the box, pay attention to the size of the box, so that no the wig extrusion is appropriate.
Other considerations:
1. then the basic are wig factory with 3 items. Plastic bags, cardboard boxes, soft hair, unless you like me to sell the home to a wig flying everywhere please put these 3 kind of "treasure" away or out of wig.
2. when the wig is removed, be careful not to mess it up
If it is a short wig hand up slightly and then set on a network, according to the original packaging can be installed, when set to a soft note down the wig wig, don't let again there is chaos 78 worse, or put long next time out of the surface layer is Luanfei Zamao wig.
If it is long hair (above 60CM), remember, when alone in the body when not wearing special tools do not hand comb hand wig that carding a mess, completely useless and easy to put a wig. Combing hair long words 10 piece clip on hair extension the vertical direction of the wig away from the tail and then turn around a few times, then the best wig in their original packaging can be put away, and then go home for special care.
3. home. Short and no stereotypes used glue or something wigs can be directly placed in their original packaging, but try not to be pressure, good hair, a long time pressure to deformation.

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