How bangs hair looks good? July 27, 2017 6:05 AM

By : newlytoupee.

This kind of bang bang hairstyle looks like a beautiful princess head. It's very bright. Qi Liuhai hair stick method is simple and practical, as long as a little look at Qi Bang hair style method, you can easily learn
The first step: first, use a curling bar to heat all your hair. Also curl the curls around the cheeks. Then, with the end of the comb, the top hair is divided into Z.
The second step: take out the hair at the top of your head, then comb it down with a tight comb to make your hair look fluffy and full. Next, it's OK to twist your hair well.
The third step: twisting good hair roll can be placed in the right place, and then fixed. After fixing, gently pull the top of the hair, so that hair more natural.
The fourth step: from one side and then pulled out a wisp of hair, and then turn to the back of the head and then hand twist, pull out the hair, the hair is too stiff to avoid.
The fifth step: after the hair twist good with hairpin fixed in the head. This sweet Qi Liuhai hairstyle has been done. After reading this "bang bang hair style" tutorial

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